03 April, 2008


After what must be regarded as an excellent victory at Carlisle, now comes the real test. Forest have been inconsistent all season, which is amazing for a team in the top few places in the league. They have not strung three wins together, and they really need to do that if they want to:

a) Have a chance (however slim) of automatic promotion (for what it's worth, I think it is possible but highly improbable)

b) Secure that place in the play-offs

c) Have some momentum leading into the play-offs; other years have shown that the teams who make a late run in the season proper are able to carry that form on, and secure promotion

I am trying not to get carried away, and CC still has much to do if he is to regain the faith of the fans - I do think that if he manages to get us promoted, he may do better next season in the CCC (I hope!). There have been too many times when a good result raises our hopes and expectations, only for us to see the players and manager spanner it up the following week. I am not just talking about CC's reign, but also under the stewardship of Messrs Barlow and McParland, Hart, Platt, Clark and even Clough...

Final thought of the day, which I saw posted on a message board: did you realise that Barnsley have beaten more Premier League sides this season that Derby?

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