27 April, 2008

Feeling excited yet?

Whatever your views of the manager, the players, even the chairman and the CEO, I would have thought that most people would want to concentrate their efforts on supporting the Reds on the pitch.

Obviously the ball is in Donny's court, if they get a result then they are up. If they don't, then we must win. I would describe myself as cautiously optimistic, and certainly wouldn't want to have to go through the pray-offs again.

The reason we are suffering is because the Reds have been unable to consistently get results; like Bournemouth, we are giving ourselves a fighting chance by putting a run together at the right time. I hope that Bournemouth get their seventh straight victory(!) to escape relegation, while Cheltenham get a draw to stifle Donny. Let's just wait and see...

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Anonymous said...

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