07 May, 2008

30 great things about last Saturday

1. Promotion and getting out of this hellish league (obviously)
2. Pre-match optimism and atmosphere
3. Jules's goal - crunching tackle, fine finish
4. The atmosphere once the first goal went in; it was the loudest I have heard the City Ground in many a year
5. More fine goals from Krissy and Lewis
6. Every single player getting a good reception from the fans
7. Perchio - he had a fine match until he injured himself making a great tackle
8. Krissy, in a red shirt, on the left wing - the best place for him
9. A storming performance from Tys featuring everything but a goal
10. From the Main Stand: "Colin, give us a wave", followed by a response from the bronzed one
11. Chris Cohen, especially in the first half when he was here, there and every-bloomin'-where
12. The roar that went up went Cheltenham scored their second goal against Donny
13. Turning on the radio just in time to hear that Cheltenham had won said match
14. The roar and wild celebrations that occurred at hearing this news
15. The Forest players suddenly playing with more freedom upon hearing this news (for all of two minutes of stoppage time!)
16. The final whistle
17. The lap of honour
18. The Yeovil fans staying for so long after the final whistle to applaud the players and CC - thanks to all of you, these things do not go unnoticed
19. The players joining hands to run to the Trent End to do a Klinsmann dive (pictured)
20. The fans engulfing them before they got that far!
21. Ringing my Dad in Spain just to yell "We've done it!!!!"
22. My friend, stranded in the Upper Trent End, calling me just to shout "Yeaaaahhhhh!!!", "Whoooh-hoooh!" and other such phrases
23. Walking across the pitch to savour the atmosphere at the end (and nicking a bit of City Ground turf - sorry groundsman!)
24. The weather - it was perfect for the occasion
25. Shaking hands with Paul Smith before he disappeared down the tunnel; what did I say to him? "Nice one Smudge!"
26. The walk back to the car - a chance to get my breath back!
27. Driving back across Trent Bridge, horns beeping and red-shirted people singing, dancing and celebrating
28. The commentary highlights on Radio Nottingham as I drove back
29. The many messages of goodwill from fans of other clubs, including (gulp) Leeds, Lessda and Derby, many of which were on the 606 messageboards.
30. The realisation that this was the best weekend in many years for Reds fans - the reserves parading their trophy, and the first team sealing an unlikely promotion. When was the last time we had such cause to celebrate?

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