26 June, 2008

Earnshaw not a-loan

Forest have made their second signing of the summer, with the season-long capture of Paul Anderson from Liverpool. The young winger spent last season at Swansea, who were apparently very keen to keep him for another year. The fact that Anderson is from Melton Mowbray cannot have hurt, although he had reportedly expressed an interest at staying at Swansea for another year - can it be that Nigel Doughty's chequebook forced Anderson and Liverpool's hands? As long as the lad makes a decent effort next season, I am sure most supporters won't care - his record of 8 goals in 27 starts last season suggests that he has some ability.

Characteristically, there was not a word from the City Ground prior to the signing, nor has there been any official news on various other rumours about possible transfer targets:
A further rumour is that Nathan Tyson may turn down the chance to stay at Forest in favour of Bristol City or Norwich.

Me, I don't believe a word of it...

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