05 July, 2008

Old king Cole?

So I go "off-blog" for one week and it happens to be the busiest week of transfer activity for the Reds! Taking things in chronological order:
  • Guy "the Moose" Moussi has signed. He's big, and may well be bad, which aren't going to harm your cause if you are a midfield enforcer. Spotted by former Red David Friio, he almost signed for a couple of French Ligue 1 clubs, but when talks fell through, Friio, Calderwood and Keith Burt snapped him up. Obviously none of us can testify as to his ability (as we haven't actually seen him play yet), but given Forest's recent transfer record, I am hopeful that this will more than offset the departure of Sammy Clingan.
  • Forest have been linked with Joe Garner, although Carlisle deny it. A good young player with a decent goalscoring record, although he is currently injured and predicted to be out until the New Year. I would be happy if he signs, I definitely think he could be one for the future.
  • Veteran striker Andy Cole is joining, although as you may be aware, he has now been branded "Andrew". Despite a great goalscoring record, he has always been something of a target for ridicule (including from your author), mainly due to the perception that he needs four chances to score one goal. Let's be honest, he ain't going to play every game (he is 36 now), but will hopefully be great to have around for the odd game and to help coach our forwards on the fine art of scoring goals.
Finally, I am aware that this has been posted elsewhere, but Kris Commons has been making his first appearances as a Derby player - this video link from the BBC shows him appearing to predict a "disastrous season next year", but on closer inspection, it is just him being a bit thick and tripping over his own words. A shame more footballers aren't capable of being as articulate as Notts County and former Mansfield man Neil Mackenzie...

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